As most have realized by now the Pop! market is booming….but not in the way we would except. A few weeks ago Funko announced that they would be producing less Funko items as a result of COVD-19 in 2020. One would suspect this would decrease sales and slow the market. What has actually happened is prices are skyrocketing. The Funko market is highly volatile right now, which makes it difficult to know just what price to buy, or to sell a Funko Pop! should really be. Demand for specific genres and products are climbing so fast that that the Pop Price Guide (PPG) cannot keep up.

     People are going to secondary sources such as eBay and Mercari to see what the market looks like before selling or buying products. All it seems to take is a small handful of over priced purchases and the item sky rockets and then attracts attention which causes it to increase in price very rapidly.

     As we are writing this blog the GITD Loch Ness Monster is a great example. PPG shows the item at $195 while eBay sale are soaring well over $400. Even lower and older items are showing similar increase to two or three times the listed price. Hundreds of products are seeing the same affect. Through all of this one thing is for certain…it is now even harder to decide when to buy and when to sell. Happy hunting!