A lot of the discussions to this point have been in regard to production and “Fake” vs “Real”. Lets revisit that for a moment. What makes a Funko “Fake”? Is it where it is produced? Discrepancies in the box? Or discrepancies of the Pop! itself? Lets look at some examples which are deemed “not fake” that posses some of these characteristics.

#Pennywise Chase #472 – Box has White/yellow Eyes There are 2 variations of this box…one with white eyes and one with yellow eyes. Does this make one fake? Actually, both are sought after by collectors! Furthermore, some boxes have (with boat) while others do not have the parenthesis.


Dr. Ian Malcom #552 – Name spelled 2 different ways That’s right! This target exclusive was actually released with his name being spelt Two different ways! One has “Malcom” while the other has “Malcolm”. Both were sold throughout the country and never pulled from stores. Is one of these a fake?




#Jason Chase #1– Blue/Green Glow Two variations, two different runs. The original Jason glow chase was green. The re-release has a blue glow. Guess which one is more sought after? The blue one!!! In many instances if this were another Pop! it would be fake. In this case the industry says it is not.



Mandalorian Chrome Armor 345 – Armor is chrome on multiple body parts The Mandalorian special edition number 345 was originally released back in the beginning of the year. It was immediately recalled. Due to COVID-19 not all of them were returned. While many were destroyed there was a few vendors which kept these and sold them. These have become highly sought after. The intended version only has a chrome helmet and comes from Amazon or in special edition form as well. Both of these items are listed on PPG. To learn more about this Mandalorian Pop! check out this Facebook post: Click Me!

Obviously these are not fakes or unofficial….right? These are just a few examples of variations of Funko products that are errors. While there are many fakes out there due to variations, there are also items that are not. As always, we just want to help educate the community and show that not every error or variation means the item is “fake”.